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We're Going Paperless

"We're Going Paperless!"… Eventually

How Five Star can help you through your Digital Conversion.

November 12, 2014

The move from physical information to digital is an unstoppable movement, but that doesn't mean it's a seamless procedure. You have probably invested a good chunk of money on new software systems, and there was also the task of training your staff how to use it. But we still have one problem on our hands… What are you going to do with all those old files that are still on paper?

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Storage Units

Storage Units: The Dirty Reality

Why you should definitely stop using that storage unit…

September 2, 2014

It's not a unique situation to hear, "We are all set on record storage as we keep our documents in a self-storage unit, but thank you." In turn, I internally shudder at the reality of their situation. This means somebody has the daunting chore of managing that space.

Maybe they pull straws, or maybe the owner handles it themselves and thinks the suffering is worth the savings?

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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA on Information Destruction

Privacy and Security requirements that will keep you compliant

June 24, 2014

Finding clearly defined HIPAA compliancy standards is akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. It is my mission to stay informed of current rules and regulations as they pertain to our clientele, but most of the time I just find my head reeling from all the information.

Maybe I just need to work on my legal jargon, but I?m willing to bet that I am not the only one who needs an Advil after delving into this topic.

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Go Green

Why Shred?...

The Importance of Proper Information Disposal?

May 20, 2014

In my sales role here at Five Star the biggest hurdle we come across is apathy. Why should you shred your documents? Heck, even I will sometimes catch myself about to throw away a piece of paper, and I work at a Paper Shredding Company! Habit is to throw away your garbage, but believe it or not, it is more important than you think to have a paper recycling program in place.

Here are some top reasons why…

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